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Written By Muhammad Syahid on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 | 06:16

Ninja Saga Cheat - 1 Hit Hack Update
Ninja saga Cheat one hit Hack (Ninja Saga Hack Damage) With Code New Update 27 August  2014, with this cheat you can easily defeat your enemy, enemies with one hit. This cheat has been tested and works.

NOTE : Do not attack using weapon to attack because the damage hack is not working on it, just use jutsu only to make damage hack 1 hit
Ninja saga hack one hit with Trainer has been updated on August, 27 2014. Update for New Code 

Steps to use this Trainer :
  1. Download Trainer V.1.2 ( Do Not Open )
  2. Open Ninja Saga Game on facebook
  3. Open trainer Click Pick a processor and select your browser process and then click Inject
  4. Click Continue
  5. Then enable the Damage Hack 
  6. Go back to ninja saga and play
  7. Enjoy Cheating ^_^
Tools Required (Update 19 July 2014): 
  • Free Download Ninja Saga Trainer V.1.2 Click Here

Steps to use this cheat Engine With Code (Update 27 August 2014) : 
  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine
  2. Log in to your facebook account and play Ninja Saga Game
  3. Open Cheat Engine
  4. Select a process browser (the computer image on the left) and change value type to array of byte
  5. Scan this code A2 25 E8 07 A3 A2 46
  6. Value Change the address to A2 25 E8 07 A0 A0 46
  7. See video below for details:

Tools Required Cheat Engine (Not working): 

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