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Written By Unknown on Monday, 10 November 2014 | 15:40

Cheat Dragon City Hack Free Food New Update 13 September 2014, the following tutorial will teach us about how to get a lot of free food in Dragon City Game. if u want Dragon City Free Gold go to Dragon City Hack Free Gold Update or if you want Dragon City Gems go to Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent
Cheat Dragon City Hack Food Auto Submit Update November, 13 2014..

Cheat Dragon City Hack Food Steps: 
  1. Log in to your facebook account and play Dragon City
  2. Find your facebook id and session id, to how to find facebook id and session id you can see in the video below.
  3. After that open this site:
    Dragon City 5M/Submit Food Hack Free Tools
    Dragon City 100K/Submit Food Hack 
    Free Tool DC 15M Hack Food per Submit
  4. you will be asked to fill out facebook id and session id, fill with your facebook id and session id
  5. After you fill facebook id and session id, then you will get 15M food every submit
  6. After you get the amount of food as you want, reload game and see amount of your food.
  7. Dragon City tutorial Video how to get FB Id and Session Id (User Key) Click Here 

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