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Written By Unknown on Thursday, 18 July 2013 | 15:22

Cheat Game Facebook Dragon City  akan segera bisa kamu coba sekarang juga setelah mengikuti beberapa tutorial berikut ini mengenai cheat game facebook yang satu ini.

Tools yang diperlukan :

[-] Cheat Engine
[-] Browser Mozilla/Chrome

Tutorial Menggunakan :
  1. Open Dragon City on Facebook
  2. Run Cheat Engine
  3. Select -plugin_container.exe (for firefox browser), chrome.exe (google chrome browser) or Select FlashPlayerPlugin
  4. Set Value Type to "Text"
  5. Write "eggs" and click scan
  6. Select all addresses
  7. So click on the red arrow button
  8. At the bottom box click 1 adress and then press CTRL+A
  9. Press ENTER key and edit the value to "infinite"
  10. Visit a neighbor and then click on return home and go back.
  11. Now you can add eggs to your hachery either from your inventery or breeding mountain.
  12. Enjoy Dragon City Hack.
With this Dragon City Hack you will be able too add ur usual ammount then it will say your hatchery is full,you just need to visit a neighbour and return home each time you have added an egg.

Cheat Game Dragon City Hack Hatchery Terbaru 2013

Terimakasih sudah mau berkunjung.semoga bermanfaat untuk anda yang sedang memainkannya.
Jangan lupa di like dan di share ya..;D


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